Welcome to Treasure Island Play Centre, Tassie’s ultimate indoor adventure park

“Argh! Vast! It don’t matter ‘ow she blows, cause if it be sun or squall, ye trusty parrot and ye scurvy deckhands ‘be safe from the elements at Treasure Island Play Centre. It be exciting, entertaining, a wee bit challenging and there be more fun than a giant balloon party in the bows of HMS Shout; but don’t bring Blackbeard, cause he’s no fun at all.

So, if those tots be of age from 1 to 14, and they wants to have a load of fun, adventure and merry highjinks, Treasure Island Play Centre is the place to be. And ye can park your boat fer free from just after sun up to just before sun down.”

Snow, rain, hail, wind, blistering sun; it doesn’t matter what the weather is, because Treasure Island Play Centre has the perfect environment for children to have fun no matter what the weather.

Treasure Island Play Centre is exciting, entertaining and challenging for children from the ages of 1 to 14.

Treasure Island Play Centre is also an excellent choice for children’s parties and we can offer themed parties that are packed with plenty of fun, exciting activities and amusements. If you would like some more information, simply check out our “Parties Page”.

Treasure Island Play Centre is conveniently located in the heart of Launceston at 23 Racecourse Crescent.

We’re open Monday to Saturdays from 9am till 5pm and on Sundays from 10am till 5pm, with free parking available all day, every day.